Friday, February 26, 2016



1. 基督精兵前進,齊向戰場走,十架旌旗高舉,引領在前頭;

2. 見主得勝旗號,撒但軍逃避,基督精兵前進,勝利在前頭;

3. 基督教會前進,浩蕩如大軍,弟兄努力奔走,步先賢腳蹤;

4. 蒙恩聖徒前進,歡欣齊前往,大眾異口同聲,凱歌高聲唱;

這是一首19世紀的老歌,如果只是與撒旦屬靈爭戰,倒也無可厚非。只是現在的基督徒不太想靈界的事,倒是傾向於在這個世界上到處樹敵,據說末日快到了就是這樣。也許是因為這個原因,Brian McLaren牧師覺得有必要改詞。改了以後,「精兵」成為「門徒」,我們跟隨耶穌的教導,走的是和平的路,驕傲情緒一掃而光:

1. Onward, all disciples, in the path of peace,
Just as Jesus taught us, love your enemies.
Walk on in the Spirit, seek God’s kingdom first,
Let God’s peace and justice be your hunger and your thirst!
(副歌)Onward, all disciples, in humility.
Walk with God, do justice, love wholeheartedly.

2. We now face our failures in remorse and tears.
We must hammer plowshares from our swords and spears,
Turn from the broad highway of prejudice and war,
To follow Jesus to a place we’ve never been before(副歌)

3. Feel a fresh wind stirring. Justice, flowing free,
Makes our deserts bloom in Eden-like beauty.
Seek the greatest treasure: let peace be your dream.
Justice like a river and an ever flowing stream!(副歌)

4. All regimes of violence, dominating power,
They will boast of victory for their fragile hour.
But the way of Jesus, weaponless and meek,
Will not be defeated, and so his way we seek.(副歌)

5. Onward arm in arm, then, onward hand in hand,
March with joyful song so all can understand.
Nothing is impossible for our God above,
Through the power of service and the gentle might of love.(副歌)

6. Boldly let us venture where Christ’s feet have trod.
Sharing the adventure of the living God,
Saving, not condemning, not casting a stone,
Spreading a rich banquet for the outcast and alone.(副歌

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