Thursday, May 5, 2016


法國聖詩 Cantique de Jean Racine,根據維基百科介紹,是19世紀由一個19歲青年,為鋼琴、風琴、四部聲樂譜曲並獲獎的老歌。



O Redeemer divine, our sole hope of salvation,
Eternal light of the earth and the sky;
We kneel in adoration,
(2x) O Savior, turn on us Thy loving eye!

Send down the fire of thy grace all consuming,
(2x) whose wondrous might
dispersed(消散)the powers of hell and rouse our slum(貧民窟)
bring souls with radiance all illumining
(2x) that they may waken Thy mercy to tell

O Christ, bestow Thy blessing on us
We implore(懇求)Thee, who here are gathered on penitent(懺悔的)knee.
Accept the hymns we chant to Thy everlasting glory,
(3x) And these Thy gifts we return unto Thee.

我是頭一次聽見用consuming fire來描述神的恩典!

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