Monday, May 16, 2011

Upgrade My IE 7 browser to IE 9

我的互聯網IE 7瀏覽器問題越來越多,有些電子郵件的附件無法下載,有些網站的某些icon不顯示等等。近來有個我常用的郵件平臺網站警告我說,IE 7到七月份就不support了,每次登入都給我這個信息,催我upgrade,中文叫作升級?我還是寫英文好了。

所以我決定升級。查到我電腦的操作平臺版本是Windows Vista 32, push button to download IE 9, something doesn’t work, I need some other updates. Read the message, follow the instruction, from my computer’s control panel security center, I found out It is Service Pack 2 that I needed to update.

All right, go to Microsoft’s website, run the update, I can’t do it. I need have another “important update” updated first. Okay, it is Microsoft .NET framework stuff, whatever it is for, I got to have it. Spent 10 minutes upgraded it, restarted my computer, ran Service Pack 2 update, then came back to my downloaded IE 9 excutable, ran it.

I spent about 2 hours on this stupid thing. I checked my update history, 12 items "successfully updated". They were either "important" or "recommended". While I have had 7 years of engineering and computer technology trainings(a gift from God indeed), what about those people who don’t know anything about computer technology?

I simply do not like it every time this smart thing told me what to do, -- upgrade your stuff to be better/faster etc, but actually it tended to break something after you get a newer version of something. Now one thing stop working -- I can't publish this blog without switching to FireFox browser! That's why I refused to upgrade my IE 7 to IE 8 for a year. Hey I am trapped, I got to keep it up.

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