Sunday, November 6, 2016



God of all peoples, cultures and nations, 萬民、萬族、所有文化的神,
God of the poor and wealthy ones, too 窮人和也是富人的神啊!
Be with our land as we make decisions; 在我們作決定時,求你和我們這地同在
Help us, we pray, to listen to you. 我們求你幫助我們來聆聽你。

May we hear well your call to justice; 願我們聽見你對公義的呼喚
may we know all your children have worth. 願我們知道你所有的兒女都寶貴
May we seek leaders who will end violence; 願我們尋求能結束暴力的領袖
may we choose ones who care for your earth. 願我們選擇關心你的創造的人

May we be thoughtful in our decisions: 願我們仔細考慮我們的選舉決定
Who will be truthful, moral and wise? 誰是誠實、有德、和明智?
Who will restore the streets that we live in? 誰會重建我們的鄰舍安全?
Who will love those whom others despise? 誰會愛那些別人所唾棄的人?

How will the ones campaigning to lead us 競選的人怎樣帶領我們
care for the stranger, outcast and poor? 關懷陌生人、流浪者、和窮人?
Will they hear ones who long have been silenced? 他們會聆聽那些無發言權的人?
Or will they say that wealth matters more? 或是他們認為財富更加重要?

God, may this time of anger be over; 神啊,願這憤怒的時段過去。
May we grow past our current divide. 願我們跨越現在的分岐。
Make us as one, as sisters and brothers, 使我們合一,如同姊妹和弟兄,
In this good land, may your love abide. 在這塊美好的土地上,願你的愛常住。

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